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Alaskan Tigers Box Set Volume Three

When law enforcement officer Brooklynn is faced with a fugitive shifter, her career and life spirals out of control. Determined to discover the truth behind what she saw, she is pulled deep into the world of shifters. Carran believes he’s saving his mate, but it is she who forces him to come to terms with his past. Can Brookynn and Her Black Tiger accept the future unfolding before them?

As the new Alpha of the Texas Tigers, Tex is still learning to manage his responsibilities to the clan and his personal life when his mate appears. Tiger Trouble has Carleen torn in different directions, no matter what she chooses, she can’t please everyone. Can they get out of their own way in order to claim the happiness they deserve?

As Alpha, Korbin fights to give his small clan a brighter future by providing sanctuary to shifters escaping enemy alphas. An abusive small-town sheriff proves to be his biggest obstacle when mate Layla flees an arranged marriage to seek protection with the Ohio Tigers in Alpha Claimed. Will Korbin’s duty to keep his mate safe destroy his clan?

After the murder of his parents, Frost joins the Shifter Peace Keepers hoping to make the world safer for his younger sister. When human Alicia Huntington finds herself a target of dangerous shifters, she contacts the Alaskan Tigers for help and finds her mate. Frost and Alicia each have something the other is missing but can they let go of their past in order to claim their future in Frost Bite.

Merrie spent years at the hands of an abusive and vindictive alpha, almost sending her rogue. When Sparks, the man she loves but thought could never be hers, comes back into her life as a pillar of strength, she must find the courage to fight her pain, regain control of her tigress, and accept her mate But are they ready for the Roaring Change?