Latest Release: Frost Bite

After the murder of his parents, Frost splits his attention between raising his sister and making the world a safer place for her. When the chance to join the Shifter Peace Keepers arises, he can’t pass up the opportunity. He never expected his first mission to bring his mate into his life.

When the lone wolf shifter Alicia Huntington has worked for is murdered and a group of dangerous shifters are suddenly after her, she’s left with no choice but to contact the Alaskan Tigers for help. Being a human surrounded by shifters, Alicia never expected to find the family connection she’s longed for.

Frost and Alicia each have something the other is missing. They balance each other out, but they both come with baggage.

Can they let go of the past in order to accept what is in front of them?

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SEALed Rescue

After leaving the SEALs more than a year ago, Brier Larsen has found a new calling—Phantom Security. Working with the men he served with and gone through Hell with made it seem like he had never left. Now they’re in control of ops instead of waiting on the brass. Everything is perfect—until Kimberly Slocomb enters his life and stirs up the past.

Kimberly thought her life was okay until the police informed her of her husband’s death followed by accusations of murder. To protect her son from her in-laws, she must live under the radar. When her brother-in-law kidnaps the boy, she’s determined to rescue him before the “family” can do more damage. Her rescuer is sexy as sin, but full of his own secrets. She’s tempted to dig deeper, but her own problems stand in the way—until she learns their pasts are more connected than either of them anticipated.

Accustomed to taking risks to keep Americans safe, Brier hadn’t realized how much his life would change by helping Kimberly. Struggling to protect her son, she has no choice but to accept assistance. With their attentions on protecting the boy, neither of them considered protecting their own hearts. With the stakes high, they must come together to save two innocent children and mend their own broken souls.

Past Comes to Light

At eighteen, Evan Larsen should be having the time of his life in college. Instead, everything he thought he knew is being questioned, forcing him to fight the legacy of his father as it drags him into a world of darkness.

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