Twelve years ago today our lives were shook to the core. For many of us everything we believed in was in question. We wondered how we would get pass all the heartache and loss. Many of us have lost people we loved either on September 11, 2001, or from the events that followed.

Do you remember what you were doing on September 11th? I remember that day very clearly. I could post a whole post on my thoughts and feelings of that day but I will make is short and to the point because that is not the real reason for this post. This is what I posted on my Facebook, this morning when everyone was talking about where they were on September 11…

My life was still pretty messed up at that time I was 17 and just lost my mother at the end of June, her 40th birthday was just a few days before 9/11. Needless to say I was still having a hard time dealing with it all I felt I was to blame and was trying to deal with that. I was supposed to go to NYC that day but something came up. I watched the whole thing happen on TV, I couldn’t tear myself away from it. I remember seeing the plane fly into the building, watching people jump from the building and wanting to cry for their family and friends. So many people lost their lives that day. It is a day I will never forget.

Please take a moment out today to remember all the lost loved ones, the soldiers killed in action, and all the men and women who fought and still fight for our freedoms.