ISO: Social Media Assistant

With my release schedule for 2014 I have already taken the plunge and hired an assistant (which can be reached at Now I would like to find someone with the primary focus on my Street Team and Facebook page. At this time this position will be on a monthly basis.

Job Description: Individual needed to enhance the release efforts of a busy author.


  • Preference will be given to someone who has read my books. If you haven’t read them, you must be willing to.
  • Must have time to devote per release, book, goal, etc. to achieving objective
  • Must be a self-starter.
  • Have knowledge of social media platforms, promotional endeavors, etc.
  • Have an active online presence.


  • Assist with promotion on Facebook Street Team.
  • Assist growing, maintaining, and posting on Facebook Fan Page.
  • Invite new members to join the Street Team, Fan Page, and/or newsletter.
  • Create and post weekly missions.
  • Handle giveaways.
  • Promote events (interviews, blogs, etc.) on the Street Team/Fan Page.
  • Create and maintain a physical mailing list of Street Team members for swag, giveaways, signed books, etc.
  • Tantalize readers with excerpts, quotes, etc. from current and upcoming books.
  • Post questions, discussions, thoughts, pictures, etc. to get the readers involved.


  • Promotional items
  • Early copies of books
  • Additional monetary payment based on work, to be negotiated.

Interested parties can contact Marissa Dobson via email at to discuss ideas, perks, and compensation.