Gun rightsIt’s screwed up how your life can change in an blink of an eye. Doing something as normal as answering the door, and bam you start looking over your shoulder, scared of everyone. Everyday noises seem to take on a whole new meaning.

Some of you will know I’m a strong supporter of gun rights, the right to own and carry. I do believe in proper background checks, etc. However, I believe it’s our right to protect ourselves. I live in a state with stand your ground laws, the right to defend yourself and your home. It’s one of the best states for self-defense.

That being said I’ve always hoped I would never have to use my gun, but would like to have the option to protect myself. If it would come down to someone’s life or mine, I know which one I would choose. The world we live in is a crazy and sometimes terrifying place, but I won’t live in fear.

You’re probably wondering how this all came about and what started this blog post. Yesterday, my home and I were attacked. The one place you’re supposed to feel safe was violated. I won’t go into details but I will say my gun kept me safe. No, I didn’t have to shot anyone, just the threat of the weapon was enough, thank God.

I have taken the training, passed the concealed carry course, and have my license to carry.  I feel everyone who owns a gun should be familiar with it, know how it works, how to load and unload it, tear it apart, etc. If you’re not comfortable with it don’t carry it. More important, when you own and carry a firearm you have to understand two things: 1. If you lose control of your weapon it could be used against you. (But if you don’t have one you could still end up dead, so which is worse?) 2. You have to be willing to use it on whoever comes at you with the intent to do you harm.

So next time someone tries to trample my rights, damn right I’ll stand up for them. Without my gun yesterday could have been a lot worse. I could have been killed.

Final thought…That door you just busted down was locked for your protection not mine.