Alaskan Tigers

With the fate of all shifters at stake, can the Queen of Tigers and her mate succeed in uniting all shifters? Or will their enemies destroy the future of shifters forever?

Forever Creek Shifters

The members of Shifters Underground must band together to protect not only each other,
but all shifters who fight for their lives, for love, and for family.

Crimson Hollow

Danger and destiny intertwine with love and hope to bring these shifters closer to their unlikely mates.

Shifters United


To embrace her destiny and become Queen of Storm Hollow, Kayla must shed her expectations, seek newfound passions and redemption in the arms of three powerful men, not to mention change the world…no pressure, right?

Beyond Monogamy

When love knows no bounds and comes in all dynamics, monogamy is no longer the rule.

Blessing Montana

Welcome to Blessing, Montana, a sleepy little town where the spirit of America is celebrated
and our hometown heroes are ready and waiting to steal your heart.

SEALed for You

Short sweet romances with Navy SEALs devoted to their country try to balance their duty and romance.

Marine for You

Battle-hard Marines will do anything to protect those they love.

Tanner Cycles

The brothers behind Tanner Cycles meet their match in the women who have stolen their hearts.
It won’t be all smooth roads for these lovebirds as they find their happy ever after’s.

Phantom Security

Suspense, adventure, and danger are the norm as the devoted men and women of Phantom Security keep those they love safe.


Destined to become the next Grim Reaper, Jael isn’t sure how she’s supposed to balance the needs of the spirits who seek her out and her duties as a paramedic. Can she find a balance and keep her secret safe? Or will her new role force her to walk away from the two most important men in her life?

Cedar Grove Medical

Sweet and heart touching romances centering around Cedar Grove Hospital, the small town,
and a very special charity-Hope’s Toy Chest-started in memory of a beloved little girl.


A sweet hometown romance centered around a community as tight-knit as a family.

Single Titles

Each is published independent of a series with all the excitement you’d except from Marissa’s other books.

Half Moon Harbor Resort

A resort devoted to shifters allowing them to escape the pressures of the real world and let their paranormal side out.


Fate has a way of bringing a person to the place and the people they need at just the right time.