With the point system starting again I’ve decided that it would be best to bring someone on just to keep track of the points.

Job Description: Individual needs to be a self-starter and familiar with Facebook, Twitter, TSU, and excel. Knowledge of goggle docs preferred as well. You will be required to assist coming up with weekly missions and other ideas for the street team.


  • Preference will be given to someone who has read my books. If you haven’t read them, you must be willing to.
  • Must have time to devote per release, book, goal, etc. to achieving objective
  • Must be a self-starter.
  • Have knowledge of social media platforms, promotional endeavors, etc.
  • Have knowledge of excel and goggle docs.
  • Have an active online presence.


  • Maintain a spreadsheet with points earned for each member of the street team.
  • Assist with promotion on Facebook Street Team.
  • Assist with weekly mission ideas.
  • Invite new members to join the Street Team who will be active.
  • Monitor to make sure that each member is being active within the team.
  • Promote events (interviews, blogs, etc.) on the Street Team/Fan Page.
  • Maintain a physical mailing list of Street Team members for swag, giveaways, signed books, etc. When members are added, make sure the address is added. If members leave make sure they are deleted from the spreadsheet.


  • Promotional items
  • Early copies of book
  • This will start as a volunteer opportunity with the chance to negotiate additional monetary payment based on work after 30 days.

Interested parties can contact Marissa Dobson via email at marissa@marissadobson.com to discuss ideas, perks, and compensation. It is possible that this position could turn into more than this and added work will increase the perks/compensation for said person.